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Cafe Furniture Buyers Guide

Looking for the right furniture for your cafe or coffee shop, but don’t know where to begin?

There are so many different cafe tables and chairs on the market. These range massively in price, quality, function and style. Because of this, it can be a challenge to know where to begin. Making the wrong decisions can have a serious impact on your business.

Learn everything you need to know about choosing the perfect cafe furniture with our expert buying guide below...

Cafe Furniture Buyers Guide

Before you start shopping, it’s important to know a little bit more about the products available on the market today. Here’s a brief overview of some of the most popular types of cafe table available:

Dining Tables

 Dining Table

Dining tables are the most common table type in most cafes and coffee shops. They offer a table top suitable for use with most standard seating options. These tables are best used for the majority of cafe seating areas. They offer a suitable surface for eating and drinking and take up a small area compared to soft seating.

Here at Tables & Chairs Online, our indoor dining tables are 738mm high. Our outdoor dining tables are 732mm high, due to a thinner table top material. These heights make them a perfect height for any dining chair with a standard height of around 450mm.

Our dining tables are available in a choice of 23 colours to ensure a look to match any cafe style or decor.

 Poseur Table

Poseur tables are a great alternative to dining tables in a busy cafe. They offer a less formal solution and are also ideal for maximising space when used along a wall.

Our indoor poseur tables stand at 1098mm. The outdoor options stand at 1092mm. These heights are is suitable for standing or bar stool use, with a typical seat height of around 750mm.

We have designed our poseur height tables to compliment our dining table ranges. This is why we offer matching table bases and table top finishes to help you extend your cafe style across all areas.

Poseur Tables
Coffe Tables

 Coffee Table

Coffee tables are a great option for the more relaxed, informal areas of a cafe. While these areas tend to take up more floor space, they can promote a more welcoming environment. Our coffee tables offer a low height of 442 - 448mm, which is suitable for soft seating areas and side table use.

Much like our other table types, we offer both indoor and outdoor coffee tables. We have also maintained consistent styling across all our table ranges. This makes it simple to maintain a consistent style throughout your coffee shop.

As with your cafe tables, it's important to ensure you are selecting the right type of chairs. The right chair choice offers a comfortable seating experience. This encourages your customers to stay in your cafe for longer and increases repeat custom. Here’s a brief overview of some of the most common types of cafe chair available:

Dining Chairs

 Dining Chair

We have selected our dining chair range to offer the perfect seat height for a standard dining table. This ensures a comfortable and relaxing experience for your customers during their visit. The typical seat height for dining chairs is around 450mm.

We stock a wide range of dining chairs, in a variety of colours and finishes. These include wooden, steel and polypropylene seat options. Many of these are available with a choice of leg styles, some of which are stackable for easy storage. We also offer options for both indoor and outdoor use.

 Bar Stool

Bar stools are a great choice to go alongside poseur tables. They are also useful if you offer any counter style surfaces. The typical seat height of a bar stool is around 750mm.

Many of our bar stools have matching designs with our dining chairs. This allows you to maintain a consistent style through all areas of your coffee shop. We also offer bar stools for both indoor and outdoor use.

Bar Stools
High Chairs

 High Chairs

High chairs are a vital component of any coffee shop that welcomes families. It is important to provide safe and comfortable seats for your younger customers. Not only does this benefit the families who visit you, but it also encourages a relaxed environment.

Coffee Shop Chair Buyers Guide

The kind of tables that are right for your business will depend on your cafe layout. Your choice will also depend on how flexible you would like your seating arrangements to be. Here are a few of the things you need to consider when choosing the right table options for your coffee shop:

 Table Shape

Different jobs need different shaped tables. For a neat, structured layout, square tables are an ideal solution. This shape creates a defined seating area to maintain structure and space. They are also ideal for combining to create larger tables for larger groups of customers.

For a loose seating arrangement, circular tables are a great way of maximising your space. Single circular tables are usually available to seat 2, 4 or 6 people. This shape allows for a less formal layout, with a more flexible seating area for each customer.

Rectangular tables are great for areas in which you plan on seating larger groups. Used alone, rectangular tables can typically seat 4-8 diners. If you need extra seats, they are also useful for creating longer table runs, with tables placed end to end.

Table Size

Different cafe clientele have different table size requirements. If your cafe has lots of single customers, who visit to work on a laptop or read, smaller tables are a better choice. If you see groups of parents and babies, larger tables are usually a more suitable option. Before selecting your table sizes, it is important to assess your client base. If your chosen tables are too large, this may impact on the number of customers you can seat at once.

If your coffee shop welcomes a wide variety of customers, flexibility may be the answer. In this case small to medium sized square tables may be best. This solution offers the flexibility of individual seating, with the option to group tables. This ensures that your cafe is well set up for groups of any size..

The feel of your business

Your choice of tables can say a lot about your business. The use of coffee tables in a soft seating area tells customers that you are a less formal establishment. It also welcomes people in for drinks without the expectation that they will be ordering food. Rows of square tables can make your coffee shop look very regimented. This can make an environment look less relaxing and more workmanlike.

The use of a wide variety of tables implies a flexibility. This can be great for attracting many different types of customer. Because of this, a combination of different seating areas can often be the best for a multi purpose cafe. Either way, the choice of tables can have a dramatic impact on how your customers see your business, so choose wisely!

Outdoor cafe Furniture

Your cafe furniture is a direct reflection of your business. When choosing tables and chairs, it's important to pick styles that fit your brand. In recent times, new materials have become available furniture manufacturers. This has made it is easier than ever to make a great first impression to your customers.

It is important to be aware of what impact your design choices have on your potential customers. Bright and bold colour choices, for example, suggest a more child friendly setting. A more modern, industrial look, may suggest a more trendy space for creative workers. With that in mind, these are the 2 main considerations when it comes to aesthetics in your restaurant:

Materials and Finishes

Cafe tables are available in a selection of different materials and finishes. These range from expensive, high-end solid wood finishes, through to the more cost-effective MFC. There are also materials, such as metal or compact laminate, which are suitable for outdoor use. Cafe chairs are available in an even wider range of materials. These include polypropylene and plywood.

Picking quality furniture that fits in with the style and feel of your cafe can be vital to attracting the right customers. It will also help to create the right environment for both customers and staff.

Here at Tables & Chairs Online, we offer a wide range of tables with MFC tops for indoor use. We also sell Compact Laminate options for outdoor use. These offer a huge range of finishes, including traditional wood grain, industrial textures and bold colours.


Here at Tables & Chairs Online, we are proud to offer a wide range of table colours. This allows us to offer an option to suit any coffee shop style.

We manufacture our indoor table tops from MFC, which allows a range of finish styles. For a traditional style, we offer wood grain finishes of beech, walnut, natural oak and maple. For bright and bold colours, we stock red, orange, yellow, blue and green finishes. For textured contemporary style, we offer platinum oak, pitted steel, rusted steel, concrete and rustic oak. We also offer a classic white finish, which is great for a clean, sleek style.

We manufacture our outdoor table tops from compact laminate. For these table tops, we offer 8 great finishes. These include traditional wood grain looks of oak, teak and walnut. We also offer bright colours in lime green, ozone blue and tangerine. Finally, for a sleek, modern look, choose from silver and outdoor white.

Restaurant Furniture

Table & chair options

When you have chosen a style for your restaurant, it is important to keep this style consistent. This is why we offer matching tabletops across all our table heights and styles. It is also why we offer many matching bases across coffee table, dining table and poseur tables.

We also offer many matching dining chairs and bar stools. This ensures that your style and brand can follow through your entire business.

We have built our entire range to offer you the widest selection of tables and chairs. This makes it easy to create the perfect setting for your restaurant.

Commercial use

When purchasing cafe furniture, it is important to buy proper commercial items. Standard consumer furniture often looks appealing to new coffee shop owners. Most consumer furniture items, however, are not robust enough to withstand the rigours of cafe use. This is why we design our tables and chairs to withstand consistent use in a commercial setting. We also offer a 5-year guarantee on all our products.

Commercial furniture ranges also tend to be on sale for relatively short periods of time. This makes it very difficult to track down matching replacements or extra items. Commercial furniture ranges are usually available for much longer. This makes it much easier to maintain your cafe style on a longer timescale.

Budget, price and value

Keeping a keen eye on costs is essential for any business, but it’s important to think of the lifetime value of your furniture. We have priced our cafe furniture as low as we could while maintaining high manufacturing standards. This means that you can be sure that you are buying the best value furniture over the long term.

Whilst it’s tempting to skimp on cafe furniture and buy the cheapest tables and chairs you can find, this is likely to be false economy. When it comes to furniture, you get what you pay for. Buying high-quality furniture can save you money over the lifetime of your business. It can also ensure a better lifespan, durability and appearance than cheaper products.

Tables & Chairs Online

Quality cafe furniture from Tables & Chairs Online

Prices for cafe furniture varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. For high-quality commercial furniture from Tables & Chairs Online, we offer highly competitive prices. For tables, you can expect to pay from around £50, right up to around £300. For chairs, these range from less than £40 to around £100.

Tables & Chairs Online offers a wide range of different tables and chairs. These are available in an unrivalled range of sizes, styles, colours and finishes. Because of this, you’re sure to find something to suit your cafe style and budget.

Why buy from Tables & Chairs Online?

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    5 Year Guarantee

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    Free Next Day Delivery

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    Easy Returns

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    Environment First

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